The roof is the most important element of a building because it protects everything and everyone inside. A strong roof is essential for a safe and stable structure. A foundation or exterior cladding that isn’t performing well can be a nuisance, unattractive, and costly to repair or replace. But a roof collapse can have catastrophic and long-lasting effects.

That said, it is important to know the various causes of structural roof failures so that you may be able to prevent them at all costs. Below are just a few examples.

1. Ineffective Roof Drainage Systems

Poor drainage systems, especially in low-lying areas, can lead to building damage, including the roof. The roof, and the rest of the building, for that matter, may experience extreme water damage because of poor drainage.

The most common failure of roof drainage systems is clogged gutters. If the area around your building is swampy, it is likely that your roof drains also get clogged. Thus, checking your roof drainage system regularly is important to avoid water buildup.

2. Poor Material Quality

Using poor-quality materials may affect a roof’s strength and durability. This may happen because the roof was built with materials that were not strong enough to support the weight of the materials stored inside the building. Moreover, the material used to build the roof may not be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

3. Excessive Weight on the Roof

If your building is subjected to too heavy materials, the roof may not be able to handle the weight of these materials. This may cause the roof to collapse. As an example, if a building was constructed with a flat roof, you may opt for additional materials such as insulation. If you do this, you will need to install additional support for the insulation so that the roof will be able to handle the extra weight.

4. Poor Workmanship

This is the most common cause of structural roof failures, especially for DIYers. Hiring only the most skilled contractors for your building is important, especially if you are planning to build your own roof. Contractors who are not skilled enough may cause cracks, holes, and other structural damages when they work on your roof.

Tiling, siding, and uPVC are the most common DIY jobs that can easily go wrong. If you plan to DIY, it is best to do it with a skilled contractor who can provide you with the proper guidance and training.

5. Improper Insulation

Improper insulation may cause the roof to be cold, not just for the people inside but for the roof itself. When the roof is cold, moisture may build up and cause leaks, resulting in the roof’s failure. Thoroughly insulate the roof to avoid leaks and water damage.

6. Falling Debris from Adjacent Structures

If your building is located next to a commercial building, it is possible that some of the debris from the adjacent structure may fall on top of your roof. If the debris is heavy enough to destroy it, you may need to replace it immediately.


Roof failures are commonly caused by a lack of maintenance, improper design, poor workmanship, poor material quality, and other essential factors.

As a building owner, it is important to hire professionals for all of your roofing needs and check on your roof regularly to avoid expensive future problems.

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