You’ve come across a roof leak, a steadfast foe of the stability of your home. Over time, your roof’s issues can require pricey repairs. You’ll need new shingles, mold removal from the roof, and maybe much more to fix the roof damage. 

Rather than waiting for the problem to build up, take action now.

It’s not a good idea to wait until your roof leaks. Continue reading to learn the five signs that you need a new roof. You can prevent roof leaks by taking action if you know how to recognize these warning signs.

Protect your home today by spotting these warning signs of roof deterioration!

Roof’s History & Condition

The average roof lasts 30 years. However, the longevity of your roof is significantly influenced by where you reside.

How is the weather, for example? If it rains heavily, your roof’s lifespan can be cut in half. The material type of your roof matters. Even asphalt, the most widely used material, may vary in durability depending on the brand and kind of shingles utilized.

First, look at your roof’s history. When was your roof installed? What materials were used? Has the roof had its shingles changed since you moved in?

Consider contacting us for a consultation if it has been 20 years since your roof was assessed. We can examine your roof and spot any problems you might not have seen on your own. By contacting us before a large leak occurs, you might save a lot of money on costly repairs!

Attic Issues

Next, ascend the stairs and scan the attic. Your roof can be damaged if you notice water stains dripping from the ceiling onto the walls.

You should get your roof fixed as quickly as possible if it is damaged. Otherwise, a small leak can grow into a big one. In the end, you could have to deal with things like mold or broken insulation.

Finding the leak on your own could be difficult for you. Make sure to contact us if you need help. We can identify the source of the leak and mend your roof before additional leaks appear.

Damaged Shingles

Are the shingles on your roof parallel to the roof’s surface? Your roof may appear to be broken, bowed, or otherwise damaged.

Damaged shingles don’t look nice. They could ultimately cause a leak, which is more crucial than the aesthetics. You should ensure that your shingles are in the best possible condition to prevent water damage to your property.

Moss and Mildew

While inspecting your roof, look for fungus, mold, or moss. Don’t forget to examine your roof in shady places as well.

Moss, mold, and fungus are indications that moisture has been trapped in your roof. As the moisture content increases, mold might grow and cause costly damage. Your family’s respiratory health might also be harmed by mold.

Examine your soffits for a while. Soffit vents promote airflow and remove hot attic air from your home.

You can prevent moisture buildup by using a transparent soffit. However, if your soffits are dirty and clogged, more mold development may happen. So, take care to clean your soffits regularly.

If not, have a check at the junction of your roof and exterior walls. Rot eventually leads to the frame and sheathing of your home being destroyed. Kick-out flashing installation may be necessary to prevent the growth of mold.

Rusty Gutters 

Rusty gutters may also indicate that you need to fix your roof. Do your gutters currently have any leaks? As the seams deteriorate, they frequently begin to leak. A seam’s exposure due to expansion and contraction is another possibility.


Avoid letting these roof leak warning signals ruin your home. Instead, call local roofing contractors in Georgia to fix your damaged roof! The cost of repairing the damage will decrease the faster you act.

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