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For the highest quality roof repairs from Metro Atlanta to Athens, Gainesville, Griffin and all over North Georgia, Refuge is the go-to roofing contractor you can trust.

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Roof Repairs With Refuge

When Your Roof Needs Quick Repairs

Inclement weather and the ravages of time can take a toll on any roof.  Leaks from a damaged roof can lead to expensive repairs and restoration needs if they’re not fixed quickly. In Georgia, property owners rely on Refuge Roofing for superior roof repair service.

A fast, low-cost inspection of your roof by Refuge Roofing will identify any adverse conditions which, if fixed now, can avoid bigger issues down the road…

Leaking Roof

Roof leaks are the most common and potentially most damaging problem with residential and commercial roofs. If a leak isn’t repaired promptly, water intrusion can destroy interior walls, ceilings, furniture, and appliances. Refuge Roofing will respond quickly to prevent that!

Damaged / Missing Shingles

With thousands of shingles protecting your home or commercial building, you’re bound to have some of them shift, tear, or even blow away in severe weather. Over time, shingles can crack or lose their protective granular coating. Simply by keeping up with minor repairs and maintenance, Refuge Roofing will keep your roof from needing a complete replacement.

Fascia/Soffit Damage

Fascia and soffits are important functional and aesthetic components of a roof system. When these are compromised by wind damage or water rot, they become sources of moisture intrusion and access for insects, birds, and rodents. Refuge Roofing has the experts to address any fascia and soffit damage effectively.

Storm Damage

Turbulent winds, heavy rains, hail and ice… all these elements can strike Georgia property owners, necessitating immediate roof repair. Refuge Roofing is ever-vigilant to your needs in the aftermath of  severe weather. Plus, we know all about the insurance claims process, and we can assist you in obtaining the payout necessary for proper repair or replacement work. 

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Skillful Repairs by Georgia's Top Roofing Pros

A roof can stand up to a lot of punishment from Mother Nature, but property owners can’t take for granted that it’s going to provide longterm protection without a little maintenance from time to time. Here’s what you should keep an eye on…

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Types Of Damage

Wind Damage

North Georgia is no stranger to dangerous wind events, sudden tornados, and the outer bands tropical hurricane systems, but even a stiff gust of wind can dislodge shingles or roof flashing, creating vulnerable conditions for moisture penetration and water leakage. If you suspect your roof is wind-damaged, call Refuge Roofing, right away.

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Water Damage

Nothing violates a living or working space quite like drips from a damaged roof. As your drywall gets soaked with moisture and your ceiling develops ugly wet stains you feel helpless, but you’re not. Refuge Roofing will dispatch a leak detecting expert to your home to mitigate the problem fast and take the necessary steps to restoring your comfort and safety.

Hail Damage

Hailstones have been known to strike objects at over 100 mph. Hail is a menace from the sky that most roofs can repel easily, but often damage is left behind in the form of shingle indentations and even pinholes that can allow the entry of moisture beneath the roof covering. Let Refuge Roofing diagnose and fix hail damage before leaks develop.

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roofing shingle

Wear and Tear

In as little as 20 years, old roofing will have been through enough wear and tear that it can no longer protect the home from rain. Asphalt shingle roofs eventually begin to show their age, with cracks in slabs becoming frequent occurrences for homeowners after just a few decades of use-life expectancy is 25 or 30 years at most.

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Having a trusted team is vital when it comes to roof repair, it’s needed to ensure the roof integral structure is strong and safe. Our team is dedicated to keeping your home safe and repairing the roof as it should be.

Work with the best Roofing contractors in Georgia. We can handle any job no matter how big it may be. When you want Excellence you call Refuge Roofing.

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