Are you the building manager of a structure with a leaking roof? Sometimes, facility managers come to us confused about what to do since the commercial property owners refuse to pay for a new roof, even if the property manager believes one is needed.

Suppose you own an industrial warehouse or manage a business building and aren’t ready for the price or mess of a commercial roof replacement. In that case, contact professionals to determine whether an industrial roof repair is a suitable choice for your scenario.

Building roof restoration entails more than simply repairing minor sections of the roof. However, it is not as costly or time-consuming as a complete roof replacement. While this may not be the best option if the roof is not structurally solid, it is worth considering for healthy roofs because it may reduce the overall cost of your project.

Understanding Roof Restoration

Building roof restoration increases the lifespan of low slope single ply or steep slope metal roof systems on commercial or industrial structures. Generally, the technique may be defined as applying a liquid coating on the roof. The coating technology wraps the roof surfaces entirely with a smooth, reflective, and waterproof membrane.

Why You Should Get Commercial Roof Restoration

While business roof restoration may not be appropriate in every case, there are undeniably numerous advantages to restoration over a total roof replacement. Here are some of the benefits to think about:

1 – Cheaper in Comparison to Roof Replacements

Many benefits of a new roof are available through restoration, albeit at a fraction of the expense. Because the current roof is not removed, this procedure takes less effort. And while the roof coating does have a cost, it is usually cheaper than the cost of replacing the insulation, cover boards, membrane, and accessories.

2 – Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

The average commercial roof has a lifespan of 15-20 years, but a restoration job may add up to a decade of life to your roof if you pick a firm that provides excellent labor and the coating is well maintained. In rare cases, the recovered roof can be recoated, allowing you to avoid total replacement.

3 – A Better Roofing Surface

The restoration system installed on the surface of your roof will create a protected waterproof barrier that can prevent leaks and lessen the need for roof repairs. That is music to many building owners’ ears.

4 – Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

Roofing systems include solar reflectivity and emissivity properties that can increase your building’s energy efficiency. Not only will your energy expenditures be decreased, but the highly reflective surface of the roof may help increase the life of your HVAC equipment.

5 – More Environmentally Friendly

Re-roofing necessitates the removal of all old roofing materials, which generates a significant amount of landfill debris. However, because this roof system extends the life of your roof, the waste from a total replacement will significantly be reduced in the long run.


Commercial roof restoration can benefit business owners, including extended roof life, energy savings, and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, restoring a roof can improve its appearance and increase its value. When considering a commercial roof restoration, it’s essential to consult a qualified roofing contractor to ensure the project is completed properly.

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