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Commercial Roofing (Multifamily)

repair, restore, or replace roofing on apartment buildings, townhouses, and condominiums.


Multifamily Apartment

A Whole Community Under One Roof - Refuge Roofing Knows How to Protect It.

The commercial building industry has been making a lot of advances for storm-resistant buildings and Refuge Roofing is on top of all the innovations in commercial roofing.

Not all roofing contractors are qualified and equipped to work on commercial roofs. Flat and low-sloped roofing common to many multifamily structures is also a specialty. Property owners and building managers trust Refuge Roofing to address the unique challenges of large, commercial roofing jobs, including Project Management, labor sourcing and project budgeting.

Come to Refuge Roofing When You Want the Job Done Right

With two generations of experience in roofing, Refuge does jobs right the first time around, and we stand behind our work with a guarantee. Don’t take chances on contractors who use aggressive low pricing tactics to attract clients, especially when multiple family are landlords or property managers to provide them with suitable safety and comfort.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs

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Commercial Roof Applications

Reinforced Roofing

This Refuge systems is a lightweight, durable and efficient solution for your building. It waterproofs with an acrylic coating that resists splitting or rupturing. This strong membrane increases energy efficiency while extending lifespan by strengthening roofs against breakage, which can cause property settlement failures. 

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Commercial Apartment Roof Maintenance

“Out of sight, out of mind” is an attitude that can prove very detrimental to commercial roofing. Unlike a steep-slope roofs which can be seen from the ground, the condition of most flat and low-slope roof surfaces can only be assessed by walking the roof or by observing it with a drone. Refuge Roofing strongly advises its clients to schedule regular roof maintenance to find and fix the minor issues that, if neglected, inevitably lead to expensive repair work.

Get leaks Fixed Right Away.

The experts at Refuge Roofing know how to detect leaks before they become obvious to an untrained eye. We pride ourselves on saving money for property owners, not cashing in on advanced, complex leak and water damage repair jobs. Hoping or clients avoid such disaster is simply the right thing to do.


Bi-Annual Roof Inspection

Just as people need to visit the doctor for a physical each year, and a car needs its oil changed every 5,000 miles or so, your roof needs an inspection, as well. Trouble comes when you neglect your health, skip regular auto maintenance, and fail to keep problems on your roof in check. Call Refuge Roofing today and let us perform an affordable Roof Inspection.

Stay Off Your Roof. That's Our Job

Roofing is one of the most hazardous jobs on the planet. It’s true. More accidents happen in the roofing trade than in almost any other line of work. But, at Refuge Roofing, we practice every safety precaution in the book. Don’t take chances examining or fixing a roof yourself, hire Georgia’s best and most professional roofing contractor – Refuge Roofing!

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Post Storm Inspections

As storms get more intense so does their potential for damage. They can cause what would otherwise go unnoticed until it becomes an issue and has already inflicted several thousand dollars in damages on your commercial roof. You should schedule an inspection after any significant storm event with high winds. These types of weather patterns pose a considerable risk. 

Keep The Roof Clean

Keeping your roof clean can help avoid having to deal with clogs, algae, or mold growth. Any of these issues could lessen the life of your commercial investment for years to come by making sure that there is no buildup on any equipment.

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Trim Trees Around The Roof

While trees and shrubs help to greatly beautify your property, leaves and fallen limbs can pose a problem for roofs. Leaves can clog gutters or accumulate on parts of the roof, trapping moisture and feeding algae growth. Fallen limbs can puncture shingles, dislodge  flashing, and damage gutters. Refuge Roofing can inspect whether any of these common problems require repairs of roof cleaning. 

Clean Gutters & Drains

Storms and rains can cause debris to flow into your gutters, leading to clogged drains. This will result in challenging or impossible leaks for the property owner himself to fix if they’re not aware of this problem beforehand. Check up on any cracks near where water flows out from them as well.

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Double Check Roof Equipment

Rooftop equipment ,such as HVAC units –  common on flat, commercial roofing – are anchor down by hardware around which seals can wear out over time and create entry points for water leaks. Flashing and other methods of securing equipment to a roof can also become vulnerable spots for moisture intrusion.

Seek Refuge from Roof Problems - Hire Refuge Roofing

When it comes to the most important component of your building – the roof – hire Georgia’s licensed and accredited roofing company, Refuge Roofing. Our experience and trained personnel ensure that your roof inspection, repair, restoration, or roof replace will be done right!


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